Slow Release Fertilizer Tablets

Conventional fertilizing program such as spreading of chemical soluble fertilizer granules monthly, still the main method for providing fertilizer to most of the crops. However, research indicates that the inefficient part of this method is not only the labour cost for the frequent application is higher, a substantial amount of nutrients are actually lost due to the leaching, runoff and the competing of weeds.

BIOMIX slow release fertilizer tablets are developed as an alternative to overcome the above-mentioned inefficiencies associated with soluble fertilizers. The premium mixture of BIOMIX contain ureaformaldehyde which is 70% water-insoluble and it will be released gradually by the activities of micro-organism in the soil. The hardness and the size of the tablets (20g – 50g / tablet) manufacture by our 100KN tablet press machine will also slow down the release of nutrients to prevent unnecessary wastage.

To feed the plants consistently and continuously for longer growth period. A single application lastfor 8-12 months; Cost saving from the repeating fertilizer application particularly at poorly accessible site. The risk of fertilizer salt injury is decrease due to the low salt index. Environmental friendly!! To minimize the nutrients excessively dissolving into the soil and groundwate.

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